Tips To Battle The Winter Blues

Tips To Battle The Winter Blues

Who suffers from the winter blues? Do you feel down, have less energy, sad, moody, depressed, just completely out of it and not yourself? I totally GET it. I am impacted by the change in season BIG time. Being stuck in the house with less sunshine, less light and colder weather can really take a toll on your mind, body and soul.


Here is a little funny for those of you who know all about the snow on your vehicle

It sometimes seems to never end!


Now that is a bit better! =)

We try our BEST to stay positive through the holidays (the hustle and bustle helps a bit to distract us) and then January hits.  Some make New Years Resolutions to eat better, get more sleep, become more active or start that project you may have been putting off.  Come February maybe time has gotten away from you and all those wants and wishes you made in January have now come and gone, yet you still have many days to fight through until you see some sunshine and warmer temperatures.

If you are like me you experience lots of snow, negative temps and random sunshine which only blinds you as you drive from the reflection off the mass amounts of snow.  Even if you do not live in the frozen tundra, the shorter days, less sunlight, cooler temps and less activity can take a big toll on your mind, body and emotions.

Through personal experience (being a depression survivor), trying so many things (tanning, pills, products) and feeling “stuck” in the never ending gloom that winter brings (never leaving the house) I have found some ways to do my best to battle those winter blues.


Dreaming of brighter days while dealing with the snow and cold that winter brings

Just a few things I do that help (hey any little thing matters):

  1. Take daily Vitamin D – I questioned this for a long time until I actually added it into my routine.  Just by taking 1 tablet of Vitamin D3 (1000 IU) each morning I have seen a drastic change in my mood, feelings and depressing thoughts.
  2. Be active - no matter what your current routine is right now you can add some activity in.  I follow a set at home workout plan (5-6 days a week) that helps get my blood pumping, endorphins kicked up and is an immediate mood booster (best natural stress reliever). You do not have to do anything intense, but just some stretching, brisk walking (head to the mall/big place indoors) and other activity really can help so much.  Be sure to listen to your body and not push past any restrictions that you might have.  I find it helps even more the earlier I get it done.
  3. Get out of the house – even if you are just going to check the mail, bundle up and take in any sunshine you can find.  The movement and change in environments can help a ton.
  4. Let the light in – when I am unable to leave the house I make sure that I open any drapes, curtains or blinds to let any bit (no matter how small) of sunshine in.  Sure sometimes I do not want to see the snow piles and leafless trees, but looking at a different view really does help.
  5. Fuel your body – ensuring that you are feeding your body with the proper nutrients, vitamins and antioxidants is so vital to your health.  Mental, emotional and physical well being all starts with nutrition.  The better (clean eating – less processed) food you consume, the less your body will feel deprived, depressed and demotivated.  I personally do my best to eat all organic, non-gmo (chemical free) products and ensure I take my daily supplements that compliment my food consumption.  With those items I can make sure that even if I am not doing the other tips listed above I am at least feeding my body the best I can.
  6. Find encouragement – whether you dive into a good book, watch an inspiring movie or connect with a motivating friend, be sure you are adding something of value to your life daily.  I highly recommend reading anything personal development related and always keeping the positive friends and family closest to you as much as you can.
  7. Find warmth – we cannot all take vacations or live in the tropics during these cold winter months, but you can do your best to bring it into your home.  Take lots of hot (I love adding epsom salt) baths, drink hot chocolate/apple cider (be sure to check ingredients), hang bright pictures in your home, post up a calendar filled with beaches (I currently have one hanging right in front of me), check out #4 again.
  8. Put your thoughts down – get a journal where you can write in every morning and throughout the day.  It is very important to get your feelings and thoughts out on paper to visualize what is really going on inside of your mind.
  9. Embrace the season – sure some of us do not want to bundle up (hats, gloves, coat, scarf, boots and so on), but making the most of what you have to “deal” with can help. Take up a winter sport: snowboarding, ice skating, skiing, hockey and sledding.  Get out there and make the most of it.
  10. Treat yourself – get a massage, go for a pedi/mani, head to the mall (set a budget) for a new outfit, something fun!

Everyone has their own routine and the key is to finding what works best for you.  Doing something IS always better than nothing.  Share with us —> what things do YOU do to get out of that FUNK?

Stay warm, be blessed and keep smiling!

Jen :)

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