Super Bowl Safety

Who doesn’t love a good Super Bowl party with all of that yummy food?  The Super Bowl isn’t about just the game and who wins.  It is also about the people you are with, the delicious food you consume and of course some of the funniest commercials you see each year.

Along with the fun, you can consume thousands of calories in one short football game and not even realize it.  Think Thanksgiving, but without the turkey, gravy and stuffing.  Before you know it, you have drank and ate almost 2 days worth of calories.

So what do you do?  What do you eat or make to eat?  And most importantly what do you avoid while at these Super Bowl parties?

First, I suggest eating your own dinner/food BEFORE you leave the house or your guests arrive. Have something that will fill your stomach and hopefully help you resist those temptations that are right around the corner.

I think if you are hosting the party you actually have more control over what food is put out and what you will consume. Be sure to provide the usual veggie tray, but instead of the dip in the middle being some high fat ranch or veggie flavor try some hummus.  There are so many varieties of hummus and I bet you will be surprised how many of your guests have never tried it, but will end up loving it.  My next go to snack for any party is a BIG fruit bowl.  You can put any combination of fruit in there depending on the season availability.  Do you want to spice it up a little?  Make some chocolate covered strawberry footballs!  Guarantee they will be a huge hit at the party!!


If you are going to someone else’s house, bring your OWN snacks.  Yes I said it!  Pack a little bag or throw some things in your purse.  You may get some stares and weird looks, but guess what you will not be the one unbuttoning your pants before halftime and feeling horrible when you wake up Monday morning.  So what can you bring?  Apple, banana, protein bar, nuts (almonds, pistachios, cashews), carrots, a protein shake, single packets of peanut or almond butter AND your own BIG bottle of water. With your snacks in hand and water by your side you will be less likely to grab those food items that you knew you did not want to eat.

Some other easy tips:  take ONE plate and fill it up right before the game starts.  Craving more at halftime?  Drink your water and grab some fruit/veggies for a second helping.


Food to avoid:  Any unknown dips…..cheesy, creamy dips.  You know the ones, that usually smell the best and have bread or chips to dip into them.  Ya those!!  Most likely they are filled with butter, a ton of cheese and calories/fat.  Other items to leave behind:  those greasy wings and pizza that almost everyone orders for the Super Bowl, nachos, desserts and the alcoholic beverages.

Speaking of the alcohol….if you insist on having some, have a glass or two of wine, a skinny margarita or a few “lite” beers.  In between each drink be sure to have a glass of water to keep yourself hydrated.  What happens when you are thirsty?  You grab for food, usually the bad choices.

Finally, just relax.  I gave a few tips, but overall I want YOU to have a FUN time and not overwhelm yourself with what you should or shouldn’t eat and drink.  When in doubt, have a small plate and remember to hydrate with water.  After all it is just ONE day.

Jen :)


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