20 small, attainable New Year’s GOALS that you will actually keep

How many times have you declared on January 1st that you will go to the gym every single morning at dawn? Or that you will lose 20 pounds?

If every year you make a big, sweeping resolution, you are probably setting yourself up for disappointment.

Pick smaller, doable steps that you can actually achieve.

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1) Eat breakfast everyday- SO important to get your metabolism going and reduce the urge to binge on bad food later in the day! Even something small (apple, banana, other fruit, protein bar, smoothie)

2) Park your car in the last spot in the lot – you will save time and frustration trying to find that close spot AND you will guarantee yourself 2 short walks a day.

3) Make an appointment with exercise – put your workout on your calendar just like you would a doctor’s appointment or a business meeting. Make time for it just like you do for other things.

4) Commit to one piece of fruit a day – even better replace dessert with fruit every night. You will get all the health benefits of the fruit, while saving calories.

5) Take the stairs instead of the escalator – if you spend just 15 minutes walking up stairs a week, you will ditch close to 150 calories.

6) Pack your lunch at minimum once a week – more often is better, but start slow. You will save money and have control over what you are going to eat.

7) Upgrade your salad greens – trade your iceberg and romaine lettuce for dark, leafy greens. You will add vital nutrients to your plate.

8 ) Keep healthy snacks at the office – Keep your own stash of good snacks close by. Examples: almonds, carrots, apples, PB, celery, hummus, etc

9) Return your shopping cart – After you load your car, walk the cart back to the store for extra exercise.

10) Include a veggie with dinner each night – Vegetables provide a ton of nutrients and are very low in calories.

11) Try 1 new fruit or veggie a month – Explore what is in season and get rid of the “I am picky, I won’t like it” mindset. You never know if you don’t try and you may just find some new food items that you love!

12) Keep hand weights (or cans) on the sofa or near your desk at work – Strength train during commercials or during a break at work. You will be surprised how little things here and there really add up!

13) Stand up every time the phone rings – Get up from your desk when you are on the phone. Even doing this here and there will give you a break from sitting and give your body a stretch and change the pressure on your back and spine.

14) Pick one new activity month – Commit to trying new things until you find something that hits the spot. Hula-hooping, martial arts, yoga, belly dancing, etc

15) Workout for 10 minutes every day – Consistency is the key when it comes to weight loss. Even for just those 10 minutes getting into a ritual is important both mentally and emotionally.

16) Start every meal with water – Before you take that first bite, drink a glass of H²O. This will help you distinguish between actually being hungry or just thirsty.

17) Ditch packaged “diet” foods – Low-fat versions are often worse than the regular version. They can often be high in added sugars and sodium. Plus when you think “low-fat” you may be prone to eat more than you normally would.

18) Trade a dinner date for an exercise date once a month – Instead of meeting for dinner and drinks, go walk the mall or take a yoga class together. Invite your friend to Zumba and then a post workout smoothie.

19) Prepare your meals for the week on Sunday – Whether it is just compiling your daily dinners or actually cooking your lunch and dinners ahead of time….any preparation helps.

20) Lastly and most important – Have NO regrets. It does not matter how many time you fall just as long as you always get back up.

You CAN and WILL achieve these small GOALS! Stick with it, do not give up and keep going!

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