Reasons Why You May Not Be Seeing Results

Are you putting in the effort each day to reach your health & fitness goals, but are not seeing the changes or results you hoped for?  Do you feel like maybe all the hard work is for nothing and you will never see what you are expecting and looking for?


Here are some reasons why you may not be achieving those results that you think you should:

1) You are NOT eating enough. Yes I said that.  Your body is just like a car.  It requires an adequate amount of fuel (food) daily to function.  Whether you are counting calories or not, if you are not feeding your body enough daily nutrients, it goes into what some call starvation mode.  When this happens your metabolism slows down because your body and organs do not know when the next time they will get energy (food).  There are many calorie equations out there, but my rule of thumb is to listen to your body, drink enough water (1/2 of your body weight in ounces) and eat 5 to 6 small meals each day.  If you are one who prefers to count calories then be sure that you are never under 1200 for the day.  That is the bare minimum (without working out) that anyone should consume.  Treat your body like a well fueled automobile and feed it enough nutrition.



2) Your portions are TOO big!  In society today, most of us have this mindset that we have to finish everything on our plate.  We are constantly asked to supersize items and add on extras.  Portion control is easier at home than when you are eating out at a restaurant or at another person house.  My recommendation at a restaurant is that no matter what you order, the second it is brought to the table, ask the waiter/waitress to box half of it up for you.  This way you will only eat 1/2 (which is more accurate for a healthy portion), you will have leftovers and you will be less likely to leave the restaurant feeling bloated and having to unbutton your pants.  If you are visiting someone else’s home, politely request that you are there when the servings are put on the plate and be honest with them.  There is no reason to be scared to tell someone (especially those you are close with) that you are watching how much you eat at one sitting.  This also goes for liquids that you have through out the day (soda, juice, milk, energy drinks, etc)  You can literally drink your calorie intake for the day by having these.  Stick with water, tea, coffee (watch what you put in it) and you can have the occasional juice or milk here or there.  Drinking many of these liquids throughout the day are nothing but empty calories with zero nutrition.

portion disWhats-in-Your-Drink_2

3)  You are eating TOO many processed foods.  Two of my biggest tips are:

  • If you will be tempted by it, do not buy it and bring it into your house because you WILL eat it.  My motto is out of sight, out of mind.  Even if you tell yourself oh I will not eat these or I am just buying them for when guests are here or for my kids, before you know it you will find yourself munching on them.  Whatever is your downfall: sweets, salty, or a combo of both, just say NO.
  • Shop the perimeters of the grocery store.  Almost everything on the inside aisles (besides some nuts, peanut butter, condiments, oils, etc) are there to pull you in.  Yes every grocery store is pretty much set up the same for marketing reasons.  They put cookies, crackers, other sweets, etc on the end caps so you see them as you walk by.  Once you go down one middle aisle you continue to go in and out each of the others and before you realize it you have grabbed this, that and the other thing.  Stick with fresh, whole foods such as produce (veggies, fruit), lean meats and better sources of carbs (sweet potatoes, quinoa, brown rice).

supermarket-layout perimeter

4)  Your water intake is not high enough.  Water is crucial for our body.  It helps our organs function properly, keeps our metabolism going and provides hydration, among other things.  Some times we think we are hungry, when we are actually just thirsty (or bored).  The rule of thumb I like to follow is to strive for minimum 64 ounces of water each day.  If you are very active and do strenuous workouts, I would strive for 1/2 your body weight in ounces.  Yes you will pee a lot in the beginning, but once your body regulates you will go less.  The water is helping to flush out the toxins and keep everything that you eat flowing through your body.  I talk to some people who say they hate the taste of water or it is too plain.  Try adding some fresh or frozen fruit to it.  Also lemon, lime or cucumber can fancy it up a bit.


5) You are concentrating TOO much on that scale.  I highly recommend if you have a bad relationship with the scale where you let it determine your progress or mood, to get rid of it.  Either give it away, throw it away or have someone else hide it.  The scale is nothing but a number, just like your BMI, body fat, age, etc.  It does not determine hard work, does not show the true story and can make your life miserable if you let it.  You are most likely losing inches, turning fat into muscle and transforming your body more than you realize.  Take pictures (before and after), do measurements and go by how you feel.  Are you getting stronger?  Have more energy?  Are your clothes fitting better?  There are SO many others ways besides a dang number to show your progress.


Life can be SO very complicated, confusing and busy…why add more to your plate or spend each day worrying about a number, a size, food, etc.  Take the time to love yourself, feel confident in your own skin (regardless of what a # or another person says) and just live in the moment.  Life is WAY too short to spend the time making yourself sick over things that do not matter.  Think positive, smile often, treat your one and only body well and trust the process.  Everything will fall into place if you let it.

Jen :)

** If you have any questions on any of the above I mentioned, please reach out to me.  Comment below or email me anytime at  I love to inspire, encourage and help in anyway I can. **

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