Packing Your Own Food While Traveling

If you follow me at all you know I am very dedicated to the quality of my food.  I eat almost all organic, non-gmo and count ingredients.  To me it is more important WHAT is in our food than to count the calories it contains.

counting chemicals

Through my health journey I have paid more attention to how food impacts my body.  Because of that I really try my best to always be prepared no matter where we go.  I have become a pro at prepping, packing and traveling with my own meals.  It is actually exciting to me, kind of like a challenge, to figure out what I am going to bring.


THIS saves me time, money, frustration AND most importantly my health.  I don’t have to FEEL like crap from eating crap.  Sure I might have random things here or there, but I have learned that going overboard is just not worth it.  My body reacts and it is no fun to feel sick, tired and be bloated.

I have to say that others have teased me about always having a bag, cooler or food in my purse when out and about BUT then they end up thanking me.  I am the girl who always has a stash of food somewhere to share and others seem to like that.  I remember my husband looking at me like I was nuts the 1st time I packed all my own food until we were in the hotel and he was hungry.  He smiled as I handed him a wrap and had a bunch of snacks.  He was happy he did not have to walk to find food and spend money on less than quality options.  It may seem crazy at 1st, but I promise it will make your life a whole lot easier.


For this particular trip we are actually driving so it makes it a bit easier with no size or item restrictions.  When flying you can still bring your own food, but be sure your cooler/bag is within carry on guidelines and that your ice packs used are not gel, but ones that can be frozen solid.  Another flying trip which is obvious, but still needs to be said…no liquids!

The items that need to be kept cold go in the cooler (do you love my new anchor cooler?) and the ones that are okay at room temp get packed right into the bag.  For the cooler we have about 6 ice packs that get scattered throughout and always have the option to put ice cubes in a big ziploc (doubled) bag.  You would be surprised how nice everything stays. Sometimes the ice packs are still frozen when we get to our destination.

food for nashville

Pictured here:  Meatballs, roasted red potatoes, cucumbers, carrots, peppers, tomatoes, salad with balsamic vin. on side, sugar snap peas, Shakeology, clementines, almond butter, bananas, Lara bars, olives, mini eggs cups, sausage, nuts and the others things are for my husband!

I am just finishing up my 1st round of Whole 30 so some of the items are different than I would of packed in the past, but I was very happy with all the options I had.  I was already gluten and dairy free so I just had to switch some things up (no popcorn, wraps, chips, etc – those pictured are for my husband) to be sure to stay Whole 30 compliant on this trip.  I finish the day we are actually traveling, but plan to stick to the same guidelines and adding back in my favorite meal of the day – Shakeology!

nash 3

My hubby was a GREAT help prepping some of the food for me.  He cut the carrots, potatoes and made the meatballs!

nash 4nash 2

Here is a close up of some of the food we made – roasted potatoes, mini egg cups and meatballs.

The best way to start is to think about what you currently eat.  Almost anything is able to be packed, even if you have to make some tweaks in a recipe.  Make a list and you will see that you CAN travel with some of your fav foods.

if you enver try

The amount of time it takes you to prep your food items all depends on what you plan to make and how much you plan to take.  Cutting veggies, bagging snacks and gathering grab and go food is pretty quick.  When you turn the oven on and start actually cooking your time will be spread out.  I try my best to do a few things at once.  When I have something in the stove, I am chopping veggies or bagging snacks.  The picture above (for 6 days of travel) took about 2 hours, but that included some breaks.  It can be done faster than that for sure.  I am a big multi-tasker so I am kind of all over the place doing a bunch of things at once.

Here are some Meal Prep and Planning Tips to help with your organization and time management:

At the end of the day, it is up to YOU to prepare and plan.  Give yourself some credit and get creative!  I bet you will surprise yourself with all you can pack up for a road trip – whether short or long.

Heres to feeling GOOD while being away from home!  Happy traveling!

Jen :)

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