How I Changed My Life In 30 Days

This holiday season I did something different and it worked! Instead of binging on sweets, treats and all the food that is around I put all my effort into something else. I got up and for 30 days in a row I pressed play, drank my shake and used a set nutrition plan that was super easy to follow. Everything was laid out for me, I used zero equipment and never had to leave my house once or spend hours in the gym.

I did not do it for the before and afters, but instead for the inside. I am in love with my physical changes, but mentally I have done a complete 180. From sitting on my couch like a zombie most days to getting up with energy and being productive the impact I have seen is priceless. By making myself a priority I have lowered my anxiety, lessened my depression, improved my marriage, become a better parent, learned to focus on what matters the most and gained incredible self confidence.


After hardly moving my body the entire year to working out every single day for 30 days in a row I am proof that you can change at ANY time. I have been working on healing my body from adrenal, hormone, blood sugar, inflammation and parasite issues and still was able to achieve these results. This program empowered me to FIGHT for my life and find myself again.

Tomorrow I am starting a NEW accountability group that is going to get us through Christmas and into 2017 where we will focus on doing our BEST! I am the biggest preacher of progress OVER perfect and that is exactly what we will be striving for. This group is going to be FREE so if you are interested email me at and I will add you. It will be a friendly, supportive environment so if you would like any of your friends or family to join they are more than welcome.

Think about the transformation that YOU could have in just 30 days and beyond! You ARE worth it and I promise that you will NOT regret the choice of making yourself a priority!  :)

P.S.  If you want to hear more about my journey and what I battled through feel free to check out the video below. I share a bit of my heart and get kind of emotional, but it really shows what this process can take you through!


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