Deleting Debt – One Card At A Time

My heart is racing SO fast right now and I have to jump on and lead a Team call in a second. Today I did TWO scary, but VERY important things. The one I am not ready to talk about yet, but the other one I am sharing.

I post this NOT to brag, but to give others HOPE that they can too start to see the light. In February my husband and I decided enough was enough. We cut up some credit cards and put on our faces of determination. Since that moment we have been laser focused to STOP the useless spending and START the much needed freedom that we knew we wanted. See video here:

Since that time my husband has paid off over $9,000 and I have paid off $18,000 in debt. Today I got to add to that #. Today I did something that I have dreamed about since February and I am literally shaking typing this.

With ONE weeks paycheck I was able to pay off my USAA credit card in FULL. Like NO more $100 monthly payments that seemed like they would never end. This baby is DONE.

usaa paid in full

This was really hard for me to share because I don’t want people to take it the wrong way. I am putting this out there for those who felt like I did – STUCK, living paycheck to paycheck and down in a hole. I want you to know you CAN get out of that hole and CAN do something different. Change IS possible, but you have to believe. I believe in YOU and am here to HELP support you in any way.

This was one BIG goal checked off. Now onto the next credit card – $12,000 staring me in the face.

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