Debt Is Dumb – CA$H is KING

Today I went to the mall and had a FULL circle moment. At every register they asked me #1 if I had a coupon and #2 if I wanted to sign up for a credit card. My answer to #1 – “NO I throw them all out now” – brought about a few confused faces until I answered question #2 – “NO thank you. I am deleting debt right now and recently paid off this store credit card.” I continued to tell them that I used to be addicted to shopping and actually had 13 store credit cards at one time. I then received some even BIGGER confused faces.

As I spoke to them about the path my husband and I are currently on to ADD freedom and REMOVE stress in our life they started asking more questions. I even had some people in line behind me jumping in on the conversation and wanting to know more. When I told them that those 13 credit cards (and more) were now cut up and over $22,00 (just from me) was paid off since February their eyes lit up. The one worker thanked me like 5 times before I left just for giving her some tips, advice and HOPE that she too could STOP the vicious spending cycle and START saving her finances.

I kind of got emotional as I walked out of Macys (after Target that was were I would spend the most) thinking of ALL the times I would go on binges in hopes that some retail therapy would HELP me. Honestly shopping only brought me a temporary high (like most addictions) and it never fully satisfied me therefore causing me to ALWAYS go back for more. Well until there was NO more room left on my cards because I had MAXED them all out.

When I say that I used to pay my bills and then charge them right back up (sometimes even going over the limit on the ones that would let me) that is the TRUTH! It was a vicious cycle for MANY years as I lived paycheck to paycheck and never thought anything was wrong with it. I thought it was okay because I was getting discounts, sales, temporary satisfaction and filling up my closets.

The items listed below may seem silly to some, but for our family they mean the WORLD. Instead of figuring out which card had enough room to fit a trip, gas, groceries, health visits or family fun on it we don’t even STRESS over that anymore. Credit is NOT an option so if the cash is not available then we don’t go or do it. We actually pick and choose what we do now instead of feeling like we have to do it ALL. We still have lots of FUN, get creative with FREE things and ensure that when money is spent it goes out wisely.

debt is dumb cash is king 1

When we finally had enough we decided that was IT!!! We were SICK of the back and forth and were ready for a CHANGE!! We started out scared and kind of unsure this could be a reality, but now we are CONFIDENT and FOCUSED to see the light at the end of the tunnel no matter how long it takes us to get there.

For those of you who may feel STUCK – I get it – we were there too!! All it takes is a choice to say “NO MORE” and to be dedicated to do what it takes. The sacrifices ARE worth it. Your peace of mind IS worth it. Your future finances ARE worth it. BELIEVE and you will ACHIEVE!!

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