Christmas Ideas For Children

Here is the guideline I am using this year for my sons Christmas gifts and I already feel more at ease and less stressed. Every year he gets more and more “stuff” and most of it just ends up sitting around the house never to be touched again. I am excited for him to open his presents this year and for us as a family to be more involved in what he receives. I think it is going to be great to have some special moments to share with him and less clutter in our home.
Some ideas that I have planned are as follows: Dave & Buster’s gift card, movie gift card, marbles, year membership to a fossil dig place, books, gift certificate for 2 ninja warrior classes, clay pottery maker, wooden letters of his name to paint, Dino-opoly, other wooden Christmas items from Michaels to decorate and an envelope filled with coupons for things he can pick (stay up 1/2 hour past bedtime, movie/popcorn night, extra 10 minutes on iPad, dinner of choice, outing with Mom/Dad, etc).

I love the idea of filling his stocking full of memories and providing gifts that are meaningful to him because I truly believe that as he gets older that is what he will remember anyway. Anyone else do something similar to this? If so, any ideas you can share?


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