Banana Oatmeal Cookies

If you know anything about me I have ZERO confidence in the kitchen when it comes to “baking” and am known to “screw up” any sweet treat I ever try to make.  Ironically I love finding healthier alternatives for my favorite sugar filled treats and have a long list of so many to try.

Tonight my son asked me (with the sweetest voice and puppy eyes) if we could make a “treat” together.  My heart sunk at first (that is when the low baking confidence comes in), but I immediately said OF COURSE baby!!!  I quickly went over to my Pinterest (so many pins to choose from) and we searched the options together.  He saw these and said ➡Lets try them!  Although I was hesitant I figured how the heck could I “screw” up these simples cookies.

Inspired by ➡ and made with extra LOVE from Mommy to Troy!  :)


Smiling after we did the 1st taste test and they received TWO thumbs up from my son!


  • 2 large old bananas (we used fresher ones and they were fine)
  • 1 cup of  oats

You can add in extras if you like.  We added small chocolate chips and plan on adding some peanut or almond butter next time ➡ there WILL be a next time because these were SO dang good.  Other options to add ➡ cinnamon, raisins, crushed walnut pieces, etc


Cook for 15 minutes at 350 degrees on a GREASED cookie sheet and that is IT!  For real ➡ SO easy!!!


Amount of cookies you get out of this recipe depends on how big you make them.  We got 12 and within a few minutes they were gone.  4 each (3 of us) and we were happy campers on a Friday night.  BEST part is (besides how easy they are to make) ➡ they are healthy with just a few chocolate chips if you go that way.  I did NOT feel guilty at all eating these!

Thinking of making these with raisins for my son as a quick breakfast or snack.  Hey it is only oatmeal, raisins and bananas (maybe some pb too)!  He does not like oatmeal alone (either does my husband) so this is a WIN in my book!

ENJOY and let me know if you LOVE these as much as we did!

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