12 Days Of Kindness

Over the years I have become more giving, more open with my heart and have taken a passion to help in any way I can.  I always thought I had to be “rich” or needed all this $$ to really make an impact, but I have found that not to be true.  Honestly the BEST thing you can give is time, love and caring.

I do provide monetarily when I am able to, but I have become really focused on just doing GOOD in all areas of life wherever and whenever I can.  It is also something that I (my husband included) am trying to teach my 8 year old son about.  I believe that my (our) actions make such a big impact on his future.  What he sees Mom (and Dad) do he is more likely to do.  I don’t give or help to brag or boast, but to spread joy and leave a little bit of love everywhere I go.

Once a week I take my son for breakfast before school and we make it a point to pay for the persons order behind us.  Almost every time the store workers says – “The total is $____._, is that okay?”  I answer the same way each time – “Yes, of course!”  It has become so routine that my son usually does not even say anything about it anymore except today when the guy we paid for happen to pull up to a light next to us and raised his hand to thank us.  My son asked why he did that so I explained that I paid for his order.  No words came out of my sons mouth, but I quickly turned around and saw a little smirk.  Again…he is watching.

I see calendars for acts of kindness and others things all over Pinterest (my fav obsession) so I wanted to make a twist on those and bring in some of my own ideas.  With the holiday hustle and bustle it is really easy to forget the true reason of the season and to take care of ourselves and others.  Here is what I came up with for the 12 days BEFORE Christmas that can actually be done at anytime throughout the year that you would like.  You can cross them off in any order and do multiple ones in a day if that works better for you.  The date is NOT important – the ACTION is!


If you want to join in the kindness movement with me or have a story to share of your own on how you are intentional about blessing the lives around you comment below.  I am all about positivity and spreading the love!!

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